What can provide Ohh impressions? Many will say, anal sex. Yes, it is. But anal sex toys will be a correct answer.
This taboo subject is a secret well of pleasure both for women, as well as for men. Anal sex combined with sex toys can enhance your pleasure and raise the relationship with your playmate to a new level.
In general, anal toys come in different sizes and shapes, each of which is made according to desires and needs. Each type of anal sex toy stimulates the anal area in its way, but equally fantastically.

Types of anal sex toys and its roles in anal play

Anal douche:

Why have the clear majority of people not tried anal sex so far? It’s a dirty experience, literally. However, you should forget about it as a reason. The development of sex toys does not stand still. And now anal sex is not dirty, safe, and completely hygienic. And all because of now anal douche exists.
In essence, it is an enema that should cleanse you rectally. Purification occurs through water; you do not have to stop until the water becomes crystal clear. Anal douche has a different shape. You can attach such an anal enema to the soul or use it separately. Indeed, this is a thing that saves. But douching does not exclude the use of condoms, which is still a mandatory item.

Anal butt plug:

Anal butt plug – stimulation of the prostate without stopping. This kind of anal sex toy can be inside you for as long as you wish. The shape of the anal butt plug is conical, with a wider base and narrow top. At the end of the base, usually, the handle is available to be convenient to install and remove the plug.
Yes, you can have sex, work, go shopping and do anything while the anal plug is engaged in stimulating your prostate. And it’s perfectly safe if you use lubricant, a condom and only you. Remember that the lubricant must be inadequate quantity since the anal plug can fall out at the most inopportune moment.

Anal beads:

Anal beads are the newest invention for anal sex. The principle of operation is the same as the anal plug has it, but for a shorter period. By the way, anal beads are a chain on which beads of different size are equidistant. You can use as many beads as you want. The main thing is always to use grease and be slow.
And if you pull out anal balls at the time of orgasm, then the sensations will be unforgettable, and the orgasm is stronger.

Anal dildos:

Anal dildos are as a sex toy that does not vibrate. Dildos come in various sizes from the smallest in 5 to several tens of inches. It will not seem like a little!
Most often, the dildo is used as a strap-on harness. What is the feature of a dildo? Realistic! Anal dildos are very realistic because of the veins and look like a real penis. Besides, this kind of anal toy is the hardest. It is enough just to lubricate the dildo, and this sex toy will surprise you with the depth of pleasant sensations.

Prostate Massagers:

It is the same dildos. By the way, most anal sex toys perform the role of prostate massagers. The only difference is the vibration. This type of anal sex toy vibrates. Massage is carried out at different speeds and intensity levels. But as always, start better with smaller and less powerful specimens!

Does sex lube change my sex?

Besides, it is worth to mention about the lube. It is a very important component of amazing sex, not only with anal stimulation but above all in this matter.  Of course, this is not a sex toy, but if you have not tried it, it will change your traditional anal games.
A sufficient amount of lubricant, mainly water-based, will make the use of toys pleasant and slippery. This is important because waiting for the natural lubrication release in anal sex is like building socialism. Unfortunately, it will never happen. Lubrication is useful in anal sex, even if you do not plan to use sex toys. Simply this thing will provide a pleasant glide, relieve your skin of irritation and pain. And in general, the lubrication makes the entire process more hygienic.

Why do I need to use sex toys for anal play?

Use an anal sex toy if you want to make a difference in your sex life. This makes sense especially if anal sex has the highest priority in your sex life. Besides, we must not forget that sex toys of any type are very powerful and can provide more stimulation. Imagine how strong will be the impressions of using sex toys along with a partner!
However, an anal sex toy is the ideal solution for beginners who just want to open the pleasure of anal sex.

An importance of speaking with partner

This topic is very important, especially when it comes to heterosexual sex. Always remember that good sex is provided only to those who are not afraid of communication. Share your sexual fantasies, and a miracle will happen!
Do you want to include anal sex toys in the common sex life with your playmate? Talk, because anal sex is a sensitive issue for many, anal sex toys – the topic is more scrupulous double. Talk and do not press is what should you do to make your partner loyal to anal sex toys during anal play. If you refuse, do not be offended. You can use some types of anal sex toys in a solo game.

Final Words:
By the way, an anal sex toy is an ideal solution to start anal stimulation or continue unusually. Remember just that everything should be clean, oiled and used only by you. And then anal sex toys will bring you only pleasure and nothing more.

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