Choose The Best Anal Beads 2017- A Size Does Matter

If you have never experienced with anal penetration, anal beads are the best reason to start.

First, because anal beads exactly will take you to a new Oooh experience even from the elementary level. Due to these strings of beads increasing one by one significantly enhances the pleasure during insertion and at the time of removal from the anus. Plus, in this case, a size does matter. Sure, large anal beads accumulate more pleasure, but better to start with the smallest.

Anyway, to be a loss in the various shapes and sizes is so simple, now we’ll help you to choose the best anal beads 2017 how we have done it for a lot of people before.

If you have no time to read the full information. Pick below Anal Beads. Here our top 3 picks. Our top 3 picks are based on our well research, well renowned, safe and top reviews.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • Healthy Vibes Anal Beads

  • Our Rating
  • Silicone Anal Beads
  • T.L - 10'' , I.L 8.5'', W.- 1'
  • Water Based Lube
  • Utimi Transformable Beads

  • Our Rating
  • Vibrating Anal Beads
  • T.L 10.5", 6-f.vibration
  • Superior TPE and ABS
  • Water Based Lube
  • Utimi Glass Anal Beads

  • Our Rating
  • Glass Anal Beads
  • L. 7" , D. 1"-1.5"
  • Superb solid glass
  • Water-Based and Silicone Lubricants

2017 Top 10 Anal Beads Comparison Chart

ImageName/BrandSizeMaterialSafe Lube 
Vib. Beads
11.9 "TPE and
Glass Beads

Anal Bead

best-anal-beads-8IMO 13.39"SiliconeWater
Butt Plug

anal-beads-6UTIMI 11 "SiliconeWater
anal-beads2Anal Balls
Butt Beads

anal-beads-93PCS Anal
Plug Set
Small Beads
7 "TPE and

Top 5 Anal Beads Reviews:

Healthy Vibes Plus – Best Large Anal Beads For Beginners

best-anal-beads-for-beginnerThe main distinguishing feature of Healthy Vibes Pure Silicone Anal Beads is that this device has oval shape beads. It is really good for beginners of anal sex.

However, oval beads delivered not as bright as it makes sense spherical beads, despite the fact that the difference in size of the ovals is suitable for different levels of comfort.

Durable silicone and the presence of a special a ring for safe and easy control is also credible. Moreover, all the rings toy firmly linked to a strong chain.

At the same time beads size, durable material and other advantages do not change the fact that this is a good start, but the professionals get bored using this product.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy chain with oval beads and ergonomic ring in custody toy makes first anal sex safe and enjoyable.
  • Gradually the increasing of the size of the beads one by one include different levels of comfort.
  • Healthy Vibes Pure Silicone Anal Beads has a high degree of flexibility due to the silicone material.
  • Different size balls from the beads to the one inch.
  • Oval beads are well suited for beginners.
  • It has a ring of security and easy management.
  • Grade silicone.
  • It is easy to be cleaned before and after use.
  • Excessive flexibility hampers installation of these anal beads.
  • Oval beads deliver not so much pleasure as the balls.


UTIMI Transformable– Best Vibrating Anal Beads Even Under Water

Vibrating-Anal-BeadsThe reason why I recommend UTIMI Transformable 6-Frequency Vibrating Anal Beads is very simple. The fact that this product combines the functions of anal beads and a vibrator that you can find very enjoyable like even best thai beads.

Moreover, you can use vibrating anal beads in the water as waterproof design. In addition, the material is odorless, that differs from other toy vibrators.

It is true, the visual form of the considered anal beads looks a little scary. But this is only at first glance.

In fact, flexible construction, and the vibration is evenly distributed over the entire length of the toy. So, in practice, nothing can harm you.

Key Features:

  • It combines the functions of the vibrator and anal beads, which in theory can bring a lot more enjoyable.
  • The material of UTIMI Transformable Vibrating Anal Beads is humidity resistant, which not only allows you to wash the device but also to use under water.
  • At your disposal are six levels of speed and intensity of vibration in silent mode.
  • Flexible design.
  • The powerful vibration of each ball.
  • The ability to use water.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quality material is odorless and toxins.
  • Suitable for women and men.
  • Six intensity levels of speed and without noise.
  • An inconvenient placement of the buttons, which is not visible during use.

Utimi 7 Inch– Best Glass Anal Beads

best-glass-anal-beadsThe transparent glass is the main reason that Utimi 7 Inch Glass Anal Beads included in this list of recommended anal beads.

Really, glass toys have no fewer fans than any rock star.

The all is because during the installation of the toy is cool and then warmed up with you. However, the possibility of breaking upon contact with hot water looks quite scary.

The shape of these glass anal beads slightly curved, which makes anal stimulation of muscles even more enjoyable.

At the same time, the seven-inch size of viewed extra large anal beads increases the pleasure level obtained even in the absence a ring, which normally helps to extract and manipulate the toy easily and securely.

Key Features:

  • The interface of Utimi 7 Inch Glass Anal Beads presented a strong transparent glass in the seven-inch size.
  • Moreover, this long anal beads does not a ring for control, but graded balls are in accordance with the user’s natural pace.
  • The glass is a solid and hypoallergenic, thus no odor or producing toxins.
  • Hypoallergenic glass, odorless and toxins.
  • It has a curved shape.
  • Unisex use.
  • Ultra-form.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Seven-inch size is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals.
  • No ring on the end of the anal beads – not convenient management.
  • A contact with hot water may break your glass toy.

Utimi Anal Plug & Anal Bead – Best Silicone Anal Beads

best-anal-beadsThis member of the family of anal beads is worthy of everyone’s attention in the first place, because the surface of the toy is completely smooth, and used to create non-toxic silicone.

Utimi Silicone Anal Plug has a ring on the end of rubber anal beads, it makes it convenient to control a toy.

For this reason, the installation and removal of toys will be safe for your skin as well to save the anal beads in a consistent state.

Moreover, the beads are unisex, and it is suitable for both women and men. Such a user-friendly design makes it possible not only to easily manage beads but also greatly facilitates cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Utimi Silicone Anal Plug has six silicone balls of different shapes, durable silicone chain of which ends with a convenient handle.
  • These anal beads created using smooth and durable silicone, which firmly holds the balls in a grid.
  • The optimum size of balls is suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Have the ring on the end of toy for easy management.
  • Solid and flexible material without toxic effect.
  • Different size balls make use more enjoyable.
  • Unisex – also suitable anal beads for women.
  • High-quality silicone makes it easy to clean.
  • Cheap anal beads.
  • When first using the hardness of the material can bring discomfort.



Utimi Safe Pull Ring – Best Gay Anal Beads

Butt-Plug-Anal-BeadsUtimi Butt Plug Anal Beads represent indeed impressive sleek design that makes considered big anal beads the best choice for your first anal sex.

The set of these anal beads provides a strong chain of balls seven with a silicone ring on the end.

Actually, such design makes anal sex safer, as all balls are tightly bound to each other – nothing can get lost.

But judging by the words of some users, the ring fastened frangible, so there is a fear that it will fall off before you pull out of the anal beads anus.

However, it is possible that the reason lies in the excessive fragility of the flexibility instrument.

Key Features:

  • Utimi Butt Plug Anal Beads has seven balls of different shapes and a ring on the end for a control.
  • These anal beads are made of durable and flexible silicone that has a humidity resistant and odorless.
  • The anal toy carried in black color, which eliminates a situation notable feces.
  • Easy to clean because of the damp-proof material.
  • Silicone dries quickly.
  • The ring on the end of makes it easier to use.
  • The product does not smell.
  • It is safe for the skin.
  • Couple anal beads.
  • Instructions on the box does not correspond to the truth – not multi-unit.
  • The ring seems brittle and lacks credibility.


User Knowledge Graph

Difference Between Anal Beads and Anal Butt Plug:

As I said earlier, the types of anal beads are different. The one-half of humanity that is rich in extravagant sexual experience, two basic types are known: anal beads and anal butt plugs.

The difference between the styles of an anal toy is in the form, and of course in sensation when inserted into the anus.

With regard to anal beads, this device is a line of several beads. Of course, in the manufacture of the material can be anything – from plastic and silicone to metal anal beads.

Often, the line has the same dimensions of beads or starts with small anal beads, one by one increasing in size. Meanwhile, anal beads have a special handle on the end of toys, that provides security and usability.

In turn, anal plugs taper different hardness – from smooth to severe. This style of anal beads sex toy is also made of silicone, rubber, metal or plastic, as anal beads.

To a word, only your preferences can distinguish the difference but both styles make the best anal beads, at all.

Things You Should Remember When use Anal Beads:

  • Catch the Zen! Relax – your key to success, because in this way you will be able to minimize discomfort and possible rupture of thin tissues.
  • Always use a lubricant, and no torment will not be! As everybody knows, the anus does not produce natural lubrication, so you need to use a lubricant for easy and convenient insertion of anal beads. Furthermore, the use of silicone based lubricant with anal beads of silicone strictly forbidden!
  • Store toys in its pure form! This will reduce the possibility of infection of sexually transmitted. Use a condom on the toy or buy a toy of hard rubber for easy and complete cleaning.
  • Wash the toy before the first use! So, you can protect yourself, and at the same time to inspect the instrument for seams and sharp edges.
  • Do not use anal beads on an irritated or swollen skin, as well as in the shower.
  • Always enter even the best anal beads slowly! None of us is a porn actor, so you should start with a slow and relaxing entry and pulling anal toy in a right position.
  • Avoid getting fluid from the rectum into the vagina as a woman! Bacteria from one organ will not survive the migration process to another, which can cause a number of undesirable consequences. Generally, the use of latex gloves makes this problem.

Which Lube Is Best for Anal Beads For Bring More Pleasure?

I do not tire of repeating the importance of using lubricant in anal beads game. A generous amount of quality lubricant will make the introduction of comfortable and feeling more enjoyable. It is necessary to also noteworthy that the use of a lubricant is necessary in order to protect your skin from irritation, rashes, and other troubles.

That is why I recommend using water-based lubricants, such as Sliquid. This lubricant is excellent in contact with string anal beads made of any material.

In its turn, such as the product ID Moment Lubricant specially designed for the skin, which has high sensitivity or prone to allergies.

How Can You Properly Use Anal Beads?

If you decide to try new ways of pleasure by means of anal beads, begin with clean toys in warm soapy water.

  • Step 1: Even if you plan to experience the game of anal beads with a partner, start with yourself. Thus, a little experience and understanding of the feelings will make you more confident with your partner.
  • Step 2: Next worth to pay tribute the lubricant. Note that the generous use of lube will make the introduction of even the best of anal beads soft, easy, and more comfortable.
  • Step 3: When you smeared back passage and your toy almost to jelly anal beads, relax, and breathe deeply, as if in childbirth.
  • Step 4: Next, start to warm up the area around the anus by lightly pressing and a little massage. This will help in the stimulation and relaxation of the anal muscles, then you can insert the first ball.
  • Step 5: Take your time and continue to breathe and to insert the remaining the balls one by one.
  • Step 6: Moreover, there is no need to insert all the balls, especially the first time. Instead of this you can start the stimulation of other erogenous zones, or continue playing with anal beads. In any case, better pull toy during orgasm.
  • Step 7: Then gently pull the beads right, without deviating to the side, and slowly reach for beads anal one after the other.

Check This Video For Use:

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions:

Anal Beads- Is It Safe?
Yes, this kind of sex plays safe, if you correctly follow all the recommendations and advice, as well as using a high-quality lubricant and the best anal beads.
Does It Really Bring Pleasure For Gay or Same Sex People?
Anal beads for men as well for women really bring incredible pleasure through stimulation of the anal muscles. However, it more depends on the individual preferences of the person, rather than by sexual orientation.

Ending Words:

Real talk, anal love beads of any style and shape is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve sexual pleasure through anal sex. This is the perfect guide for beginners and exciting game for advanced users. Use these best anal beads with the advice, and you will know the feeling of breathtaking!

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