Get The Best Anal Douche 2017- Easy Ways To Clean Your Rectum

“If you are looking for a way how to protect anal sex from possible trouble, Anal Douching Is the best solution for you”

If you are anally lover, probably you have a big interest to be clean deeply. Honestly, douching is the best way to have no dusty accidents. Yes, the anal douche is one way for a cleansing of rectal from various kinds of discharge, pollution, and waste. Plus, the anal enema can also be pleasure addition to BDSM time. At the same time, anal douching is a serious treat and you need a help of the experienced. Now check our top of the best anal douche 2017 out, where we gave easy ways to clean your rectum.

Our Top 3 Picks

Our List Only Includes The Top Rated, Safe, Well Research and Well-Built Anal Douche.

  • Zenda Naturals Enema Bulb

  • Our Rating
  • Bulb Douche
  • Silicone
  • Water Based Lube
  • Flents Douche Kit

  • Our Rating
  • Bulb Douche
  • Plastic
  • Water Based Lube
  • California Exotic Novelties

  • Our Rating
  • Bulb Douche
  • Plastic & Silicone
  • Water Based Lube

Why Do People Use Douches?

The use of anal douching is necessary to avoid embarrassing situations during anal intercourse, primary for active partner.

how-anal-douche-workMany guys often meet with unpleasant moments that could radically change the mood of both partners. By the way, people resorted to the use of anal douching primarily for hygiene purposes, to make sure that you do not get a nasty surprise at the time of sex.

Furthermore, women use the douching to remove bad odors from the vagina, as well as to protect the penis from contact with menstrual blood. That is why the market is full of different products is not always of good quality, to select the Best Anal Douche of them is difficult. But I can help you with that!

2017 Top 10 Anal Douche Comparison Chart

ImageName/BrandTypesMaterialSafe Lube 
Premium-Silicone-Enema-BulbZenda Naturals
(Editor’s Choice)
Reusable-Douche-KitFlents Douche Bulb
Anal-DoucheCalifornia NoveBulb
Shower-Enema-SystemCleanstream Shower
best-bulb-enemaOTBBA BulbBulb
Enema-BagEnema BagWater
Silicone-Enema-Bag-kitAussie Health Water
Shower-Enema-System4 Tip Enema Shower
Enema-BulbHealth & BalanceBulb
Deluxe-Enema-DoucheCloud 9 Bulb

Things You Should Remember For Douching :

The practice of guys douching is of paramount importance and requires a certain amount of caution in the implementation.

You should give preference in favor of low usage, first and for move, as part of the anal douche is associated with risks to the kind of stimulation and the acquisition of sexually transmitted infections by.


Top 5 Anal Douche Reviews:

Premium Silicone Enema Bulb – Best Enema Bulb For Men and Women

best-anal-doucheThis is the most comfortable enema to use, which is a guarantee of safety and efficacy of purgation and substantially fits constipation.

In addition, Premium Silicone Enema Bulb is suitable for men and women.

I take it to the first because of this enema can save your time due to quick, mobile, and simple using.

It is noteworthy that the use of this enema does not bring any discomfort, even if you are not professional and does an anal douching procedure for the first time.

Along with Premium Silicone Enema Bulb allows you to direct the flow of water inside of you simply and conveniently. The enema created using hypoallergenic silicone, which makes the whole process even safer by.

Key Features:

  • Guarantee the safety and effectiveness of cleansing the rectum and complete relief of constipation.
  • The enema is universal in use by both men and women.
  • Special valve increases the washing nozzle and makes the whole process faster and more efficient.
  • You are free to carry out the direction of flow within you.
  • Equally suitable for use by both men and women.
  • You can control the number and flow of the water.
  • The enema is mobile and makes the whole process quicker.
  • It requires a manual use of.
  • The amount of water cannot be greater than 400 ml.

Cleanstream– Best Shower Enema System

best-Shower-EnemaThe offering enema, Cleanstream Shower Enema System, is proposed Enema refers to a different type of devices for anal douching – shower douche.

It includes a free nozzle and a long hose 6 feet, making it easier to use several times.

Besides making use of long hose enema much easier whether you are using it for the vagina or anal.

The use of Cleanstream Shower Enema System is very simple. It is enough to attach the device to the heart and the enema ready for use at any time when you are in the shower.

In addition, it is convenient that you do not need to draw water before the procedure.

Key Features:

  • Cleanstream Shower Enema System has an expanded set of equipment, including a free narrow nuzzle and longer six-foot hose.
  • Two-meter hose makes the syringing procedure more comfortable when securing the shower. You can direct the water through the nozzle or via a standard shower.
  • Improved form of the enema allows you to adjust the water.
  • Universal tool for both men and women.
  • Long hose and easily-accessible enema make use easier and more comfortable.
  • You can control an optimal amount of incoming water by means of the shower knob.
  • Water in the shower is not always clear.
  • Cleaning of parts of the enema has a difficult and energy-intensive process.

Cloud 9 Novelties– Best Premium Bulb Douche

EZ-Squeeze-BulbThis enema perfectly prepares you for anal or vaginal intercourse.

The design of the enema is softer and easy to use both in the anus and the vagina.

Cloud 9 Novelties consists of a flexible and soft tip, perfectly follow the contours of your body, and do not create discomfort.

Additionally, the high-quality material used makes use of this enema safer and more comfortable even at home.

Finally, the nozzle of the enema can be easily inserted and simply removed, which makes the whole process to Best Anal Douche.

You only need to fill the lamp with pure water, insert a special tip, the tube into the anus and release water.

Key Features:

  • The tool complies with all hygiene standards in use and is safe for your skin.
  • Lamp enema is soft and makes the use easier.
  • Enema nozzle long, which makes the water run deeper.
  • Product design has open holes on the tip of the nozzle, which makes the dispersion of the water more productive.
  • Cloud 9 Novelties is guaranteed for one year for all consumers.
  • Soft and comfortable design with hypoallergenic rubber.
  • Long nozzle orifice creates an opportunity for a deeper penetration of water.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Mobile and easy to use.
  • You can remove the parts for quick cleaning.
  • A small amount of water.
  • It requires several treatments in one session.

California Exotics  Anal Douche – Best Gay Anal Douche

Erotica-Colt-Anal-DoucheSwedish Erotica Colt Anal Douche is an effective tool for the use of men, balls do douche process is not just easy, but also very pleasant that prepares you for an upcoming sex.

In this set of the male unit consists of two versatile and convenient nozzles.

Enema Bulb design created specifically for the implementation of a more pleasant irrigation male douche techniques. The tip of the enema as the lamp are made of soft rubber.

However, the volume of the enema is not great and does not exceed 400 ml. Thus, it is an ideal enema for those who like to combine business with pleasure.

Key Features:

  • Two plastic nozzles make the process enjoyable anal douching for all men.
  • Swedish Erotica Colt Anal Douche of California Exotics directs the flow of water in the direction of the shot so that the anal douching was maximal.
  • You can take an enema to travel as a sex toy, in any case, the cleaning of the device is dead easy.
  • Cleaning of the enema is simply using soap and warm water before and after anal douching.
  • Two heads for anal cleaning is suitable for different sizes of the anus.
  • The jet of fluid is directed towards the maximum for purification.
  • Need to use a few times (3-4) to achieve complete cleansing.

Aussie Health – Best High Standards of Famous Enema Bag Kit Brand

best-Enema-Bag-KitThe enema for syringing the famous Australian brand creates confidence in the quality of both materials and every detail.

All materials are a non-toxic device, confirmed by American and Australian health standards.

Details of the water have an origin of medical material of high quality reusable. The tube provided completely transparent and allows you to see the liquid inside the tube.

Moreover, the design of the enema involves outdoor fountain on top for easy cleaning. Premium Clear Silicone Enema Bag Kit has the ideal set for the purification and detoxification.

Australian brand provides quality guarantee 100% satisfaction, otherwise, you have guaranteed a refund if you will not satisfy.

Key Features:

  • Premium Clear Silicone Enema Bag Kit is made of a material of high quality, which is suitable for multiple uses.
  • The enema set is mobile and may be used in the journey or any kind of liquids or antiseptics.
  • Considered enema nozzle has a removable nozzle and a few in the set, which is made of non-toxic materials and hypoallergenic rubber.
  • High quality materials.
  • The transparent tube.
  • The ability to use with any liquid.
  • Every detail of the set to be removed separately.
  • Easy cleaning the enema parts after use.
  • The possibility of replacing packages.
  • The whole set is not compact enough to take it on a trip.
  • Price before discount too expensive.

User Knowledge Graph

Why Should You Need To Use Lubricant with Anal Douche?

Lubrication of the anus hole required in irrigation procedure since the anus does not produce natural lubrication, as is the case with the vagina.

In addition, it provides a more accurate and secure contact with an enema, the occurrence of pain can be minimized when you use a lubricant in the Best Anal Douche.

It would be better to use a water based lubricating. You can Choose, Shibari Personal Lubricant and PALOQUETH Lubricant on water base are best ideas for Anal Douche.

Note: Don’t Use Silicone Lube With Silicone Sex Toys

3 Typical Types of Anal Douche:

There are three basic kinds of anal douches that can help you realize the procedure is much simpler, faster, and with excellent results.

1) Bulb Douche:
Bulb Douche is a small enema manual control. This means that the amount of water flowing into you control by yourself.

Besides, the douching of this type creates the optimal pressure, which does not cause damage to the intestines and delicate skin.

In addition, Bulb Douche holds about 400 ml of water, and combined with the convenient form of enema bulb water penetrates much deeper, which will ensure a great result.

2) Shower Douche:
Shower Douche is easier to control when you use. It is quite a convenient method of irrigation because everything is always “at hand”.

At the same time, the form of this type of irrigation is quite convenient and safe by high pressure.

However, the depth of penetration, in this case, is much lower than in other types of a bulb douching. Also, when you use Shower Douche you cannot control the amount of incoming water.

3) Water Bag Douches:
This kind of irrigation has the focus in the purification of the rectum with enough liquid and deep penetration, which helps to achieve the most distant sections. Some Water Bag Douche have special adjustable valves to control water flow.

At the same time, this kind of douchenozzle has a deeper concerning the above mentioned. This makes it possible to direct the flow of water to reach deeper and achieve an unsurpassed cleaning.

Step By Step Guide How Can You Use An Anal Douche?

The use of the enema for anal douching is not a difficult process. Observance of simple rules will help you avoid failure, not only at the end of anal sex but also in the process of anal douche.


FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There Any Difference Between Douche and An Enema?
The difference between douche and enema is a water volume. The enema usually holds up to 400 ml of water and requires manual cutoffs. However, often dousing valves with a deep nozzle to adjust the water flow.
Are There Any Risks With Douching?
Frequent use of a douche carries some risks. First, it washes away some of the protective mucous membrane, which increases the probability of transfer of sexually transmitted infections. Besides, the nozzle causes tiny incisions in the anus.
Are There Any Alternatives To Douching?
The risk of confusion during sex with your partner can be solved not only by means of irrigation, but also using starvation before sexual intercourse, as well as receive special pills GastroStop and Immodium, which decrease gastric emptying, and, of course, the use of condoms.
Is It Safe?
If you consider bulb douche as the only way to avoid embarrassment in sex you can have peace of mind because a rare use of this method is safe. But doctors’ opinion is different for this issue. Anyway, always be sure that the nozzle of the enema bulb is smooth and will not scratch your skin.

Bottom Line:

Anal douching is ideal to make anal sex safer and neutralized by unpleasant moments in a sexual intercourse. For sure, Best Anal Douche, as well as vaginal douching perfectly, removes dirt and any contaminants from hard to reach an area of your body to prevent infection. But as in any other method of dealing with your body, you should be careful.

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