Best Ben Wa Balls- Open The Secret Of Multiple Orgasm

Do you get a fairly powerful orgasm? But as everyone knows there is no limit to perfection! Sometimes, to get enormous pleasure, it’s necessary to resort to an integrated approach – to improve health and, surely, to enjoy. How to do it?

Now I’ll try to discover an incredible secret for you, namely, about the amazing action of ben wa balls. Perhaps this is one of the best ways to simultaneously strengthen and stimulate the muscles. How?

Here all is quite elementary – due to the weight of Burmese balls vaginal muscles begin involuntary contraction. In turn, it helps to strengthen, and therefore improves the work of urination, cleansing the intestines, and achieving an incredible orgasm. Do you think this is good only for a woman? Not only. Best ben wa balls even during sex, as this provides additional sensations for both partners.

The history of the bowling balls is extensive and is formed over thousands of years, so weights, shapes, and materials are quite numerous. To understand the work of Ben wa balls for sure and become a real Jedi of sexual pleasure, I prepared for you a small digest of the best of the best. Get moving!

Top 9 Ben Wa Balls Comparison Chart

Our List Only Include The Top Rated, Safe, Well Research Ben Wa Balls

ben-wa-ball1LELO28g and 37gSilicone
ben-wa-ballsIntimate Rose25g, 40 g, 60g, 85g,
105g and 125g
ben-wa-balls3IntiFit Premiere Living40 g and 62 gSilicone
ben-wa-balls5TOTI40g and 80.5gSilicone
ben-wa-balls7Nurse Hatty24g, 40g, 62g,
83 g and 122g
ben-wa-balls9Tracy's Dog54.5g, 98g
and 83g

Top 5 Best Ben Wa Balls Reviews

LELO Luna Beads Reviews – Our Top choice Ben Wa Balls

lelo ben wa ballsAny sex product from LELO is always very popular. Perhaps, first of all, this is due to the quality assurance. Particularly, Luna Beads are guaranteed in one year. And in general, this is a whole set of two pairs of beads. The first pair weighs 28 grams, and the second weighs 37 grams. So, this is an excellent option for both beginners, as well as for advanced users.

True, both should have a thick purse, because these Kegel balls have a high price. Moreover, the balls are large, which is not suitable for everyone. But if the size is right for you, then you will prove to be a really happy person – LELO Luna Beads will do the work on the exercise of your vaginal muscles with a bang!

First, both kinds of balls create a soft vibration, so you can use it even in a public place, and if you need it all day. Do you afraid that someone will find out? It’s impossible because the balls work in a noiseless mode.

Well, if you want to diversify the space in which you train, then I have good news for you – LELO Luna Beads are made of waterproof silicone. But to be honest, you can forget about using these ben wa balls with silicone grease forever! As a result, regardless of the high cost and large size, the geisha balls considered fulfilling their main purpose completely!

Key Features:

  • The kit consists of two bundles, where one is two balls of 28-Gram, and the other is two balls of 37-Gram. But even with prolonged wear, it does not create a sense of heaviness.
  • The material of the balls is waterproof silicone and ABS, which in principle should not cause allergies and is easy to clean.
  • Light weight LELO Luna Beads creates a soft vibration of the balls, which successfully performs the set task for the exercises. In combination with a silent mode.
  • Set of 4 balls.
  • Warranty 1 year.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Do not cause pain when installing.
  • Do not seem heavy.
  • Not felt for prolonged use.
  • Soft vibration.
  • Works in silent mode.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Expensive.
  • Large size – not suitable for everyone.
  • If the size does not match, the balls cause pain.
  • Not used with silicone greases.

Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights – Best Training Ben Wa Balls

intimate rose best ben wa ballsColor variety of delicate shades in different weight categories that will make your vaginal muscles strong, and sex pleasant. Guess what it is!

Quite right, this is the training kit of Intimate Rose 6 Kegel Exercise Weights. The principle of Kegel balls work is nothing new. So, the shape of each ball is perfectly streamlined and has no seams. Coupled, it’s a waterproof silicone – you can use it in water and clean without problems.

Moreover, Intimate Rose ben wa balls have a special long hook, which facilitates both installations, as well as extraction. Yeah, many are afraid that they lose balls inside the vagina – here any fears are leveled completely. As for weight, for training, it is very important to observe the difference in the weight of the balls. Thus, everything seems perfect, exactly if you open the box.

And then… you will get an unpleasant chemical smell is slightly reduced after several cleanings in hot soapy water. After, when you remove the smell and dare to use, you can feel the heaviness. But only with really long use! Perhaps it’s even a good sign. And all these good and not very good qualities are packed in 50 bucks!
What’s the verdict? If you have a lot of soap, why not?

Key Features:

  • Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights is a set of six beads of different weight, which may seem heavy for prolonged use.
  • The design of the balls is enhanced with special hooks, which greatly facilitate the installation and removal of viewed ben wa balls.
  • Made of durable waterproof silicone with no seams, which makes cleaning easier and safer to use.
  • The set of six silicone weights.
  • Hypoallergenic material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fit to beginners and skilled.
  • No seams.
  • Comfortable to install and remove due to special hooks.
  • Waterproof.
  • Strong material without discomfort.
  • High price.
  • Has a chemical odor.
  • Seems pretty heavy within prolong usage.

IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise – Best Duotone Balls

intifit premiere living best ben wa ballsWhat can advertise your product is more than “a special training program in six incredible steps”? Only that it is a common program that is suitable for all balls. Probably worth it to start with such exposure. In addition, the balls slightly ovoid shape complicates the installation and use of even. Plus, sometimes painful sensations arise one day after use.

Of course, this may be due to muscle weakness. But nevertheless, be on the alert. Perhaps this is all at the expense of cons and warnings. The rest of it is worthy ben wa balls with a subtle vibration that are suitable for beginners and experienced because of the presence of one or two balls. In addition, you can gradually raise your skill.

As for the rest, these vaginal balls are a standard set of positive attributes, including water-resistant, seamless design, the approval of doctors and so on. By the way, if you are just starting out, then IntiFit Kegel Kit has the perfect solution. Just adding more lubricant (not silicone-based, please) to facilitate use.

Key Features:

  • This set of two geisha balls combined with a special training program in six steps. A ball and a chain of two balls.
  • Both parts of IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit are a vibration that was invented specifically to work without discomfort.
  • The material of these Kegel balls is a waterproof silicone, which can be cleaned in water. It even has clinical evidence, but not suitable for silicone lube.
  • Seamless design.
  • Waterproof material.
  • It can be cleaned in water.
  • Have a special training program in six steps.
  • Clinical quality assurance.
  • Subtle vibrations do not cause discomfort.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Not suitable with silicone lube.
  • There is pain when removing and even use.

LELO Hula Beads Pleasure Balls – Best Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

lelo hula best ben wa ballsSo, apparently, it’s time to talk not only about the different weight categories geisha balls. Innovation was not spared this kind of sex toys as well. LELO traditionally supplied Hula Beads opportunity to recharge, three different vibration modes, remote control, and a fabulous price.
Considered ben wa balls vibrate and rotate not only strengthen your muscles but also creating an unrivaled pleasure. How long?

Around one and a half or two hours, you can use these vaginal balls without interruption. Of course, the duration of the training depends on how well you are charged Kegel beads. As for the remote control, then use it in all its glory you will hardly. The fact that the range of the signal is so small that go far you do not get.
At the same time, use these ben wa balls by LELO in a public place is not comfortable for the user as well as to others. Why? The reason for this lies in the balls too loud. So LELO Hula Beads has a huge potential for diverse and very pleasant exercise your vaginal muscles. And you get results! But regards to the entertainment part of the remote control is seriously lame, especially given such a high cost of this toy.

Key Features:

  • LELO Hula Beads have a recharge function. So, a full recharge is equal to one and a half – two o’clock exercise vaginal muscles without interruption.
  • Yes, the vibrating and rotating ben wa balls also work on the remote control, but the remote small range – not leave.
  • LELO Hula Beads combines the three different kinds of vibrations and loud enough for the job.
  • Rotates and vibrates.
  • Rechargeable two hours of exercises.
  • Smooth, seamless.
  • Three different types of vibration.
  • Running in water.
  • Very high price.
  • Remote range is small.
  • Loud operation.

TOTI Kegel Weights Exercise for Women– Best Ben Wa Balls For Any Size

toti best ben wa ballsTOTI come up with a completely normal standard Kegel Weights, which are not equipped with the latest scientific – technical findings. It’s pretty simple. And you know what? That is the whole charm!

The maker promises that you will make a complete somersault in the air with delight. He only gives warranty for one year of operation. A guarantee is really necessary, because, in principle, Premium Kegel Weights Exercise Kit short-lived. But the rest – everything is fine.
What is this kit? One and two balls. Both have a different weight and the average standardized size. This is good, as it is likely to approach more of the users. Ben wa balls by TOTI do not require assembly, and the easiest to use. However, in case you get stuck, the manufacturer put the step by step instructions in a box.

Thereby, TOTI Premium Kegel Weights Exercise Kit is worthy of your attention, especially if you did not initially expect anything fabulous.
Water-resistant, easy cleaning and installation, a standard size, which is located inside and is worth a penny – is not it wonderful?

Key Features:

  • TOTI has created a set of two different types of scales with one or two balls, that is great for beginners and experienced.
  • Vagina balls of both species have a universal medium size, which is suitable for the majority of potential users.
  • A set of two balls is complemented by the presence of instructions on how to properly use the balls. Incidentally, the product does not require assembly.
  • Use Elementary.
  • Easy installation.
  • Use in water.
  • No Assembly Required.
  • Universal size.
  • Very reasonable price.
  • Availability of instructions.
  • One-year warranty.
  • The short-lived work.
User Knowledge Graph

What is Ben Wa Balls?

Often you hear about ben wa balls from different TV series or from friends, but have not yet gonged it? Prepare, now I will correct your ignorance. Initially, the Japanese invented such balls of fine metal. Exterior ben wa balls amazing – perfect smoothness.

Now the development of Venus balls is in step with the times, so there are metal, glass, silicone, and plastic vaginal balls. At the same time, the usual ball was supplemented with a chain, sometimes with one more ball and even a vibrator. All of these advantages have been put on the waterproof high-quality material – so we see ben wa balls now. But why?

Have you ever heard of Kegel’s exercises? This is a special kind of exercise for strengthening the vaginal and pelvic muscles, including controlling urination, and overall, improving sexual activity. So, it is precisely pleasure balls that have the best equipment for performing such exercises. This makes the entire process not only extremely useful but also very enjoyable.

Guideline to choose the best ben wa balls

Choosing your best ben wa balls is not an easy task because the final result depends on it. Therefore, we must take into account several fundamental factors. I suggest starting with the material.

Of what, of what, of what are our ben wa balls made?
The material is of immense importance, especially if you are a beginner. In that case, make a choice on softer materials, for example, silicone. Since metal and glass ben wa balls add weight and are more difficult to hold inside – the beginner to this is not yet fit.

Friendship with water
Now that you’ve chosen the material, it’s worth making sure it’s waterproof. This is important for several reasons.
First, cleansing! During the exercises in your vagina should only hit the ball and no infections, because you will clean it right after. In addition, the material of your balls should calmly react to prolonged contact with the mucosa inside your vagina. In addition, I give a 100% guarantee to produce a natural genital lubricant. Well, in the third, the lubricant on a water basis – the best that is suitable for vaginal penetration, whatever it was.

Weight category
Finally, the weight. This is what the entire training process does. If you are just starting out, and I think it is so, then opt for lighter balls of 20 grams. Why?
Because your muscles are not yet adjusted to the heavy, and you can damage it. However, later regarding the enhancement of your experience, you can choose huge ben wa balls up to 100 grams. However, it is worth noting that there are vaginal balls with adjustable weight. On a note!

Bind one chain
Yes, the evolution has reached the point where one ball is molded on one thread with another ball. How is this useful? Your fears will evaporate, and you can safely and easily extract the love balls. But keep in mind that it adds weight!

Superfluous movements
If two balls instead of one are not enough to get more pleasure, then specifically for you there are balls with vibration. There is no doubt that you will get pleasure and some stimulation. But such Venus balls are more sex toys than a stimulator.

Things You Can Do or Don’t – Best Ben Wa Balls Helpdesk

wrong-sign Do not leave the house when the sex balls are inside you because it can fall out. At least until you learn how to keep the balls. And then at least run jog.

right-sign Start with plastic or silicone small ben wa balls at first, because the beginner is easier to keep them than metal or glass, for example.

right-sign Use lubricant because it will help painlessly and easily install the bowl balls. True, a lubricant will help them to slip out easier. But this is good for training.

right-sign Wash Geisha balls after each use. In this hot soapy water will help best.

wrong-sign Do not put Kegel balls in the anus and any other place is not for the purpose. Never!

right-sign Disassemble the balls on the chain before cleaning, so cleaning will be more thorough.

wrong-sign Do not share your personal orgasm balls even with your closest friends. Yes, at least with my mother. This can trigger transmission of infections and reproduction of bacteria.

right-sign Be calm, the vaginal balls will not get stuck and will not get lost inside your body. You can pull them out as easily as they put it.

right-sign Clean your best Kegel balls always, if they are made of latex, because the material of your toys has a porous texture.

right-sign Do a thorough cleaning of the balls, if they fell out earlier, and install them back.

right-sign Make a choice in favor of sex balls with a cord, since it will greatly facilitate the extraction procedure.

right-sign Use ben wa balls during sex. Even both balls. This will increase the natural genital lubrication and will help to stimulate the penis more strongly.

Benefits of using best ben wa balls

Now you are aware of what to do with orgasm balls you cannot, and what you can do. And probably you wondered why you should even do anything about it. The reason for use lies in the positive aspects. What?

First and foremost, regular prolonged use of these balls allows you to better strengthen the vaginal and pelvic muscles by combining it with Kegel train like a ben wa balls exercises. This gives good results. For example, it keeps the urine flow and generally controls the urination, the uterus and even the rectum, which is especially good for older women.

But that is not all. Ben wa balls use is an excellent way cause a clitoral erection when a woman is sexually aroused. Over time, you will notice how your sexual pleasure has increased significantly. And this applies not only to you but your partner as well. So, strong orgasms are provided for everyone!

How to do Kegel exercises?

As you probably already understood, the main sphere of activity is Kegel’s muscles. Such a name in the middle of the last century a complex of muscles received. This includes the pelvic floor muscles, bladder, rectum, and small intestine.

By the way, to improve sexual life, to prevent problems of the pelvic floor, and also to control the urination and cleansing of the intestine, it is necessary to perform the genital relaxation exercises introduced by Arnold Kegel. How to recognize these muscles, because they are not triceps at all? Very simple. You can find them when you stop urinating.

But stopping urine is not the exercise itself, although you need to clean the bladder and intestines before starting the workout! After that, you need to concentrate on reducing only these muscles. For this, it is worth taking deep breaths. The next step is to take the most comfortable position – sitting on a chair or lying on the floor.

Then relax the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen. Now squeeze Kegel’s muscles for 5 seconds. This is the optimal amount of time for beginners, but if you are so uncomfortable, you can shorten the time. However, after you take a break for another 10 seconds. And remember that such a 10-second break should always be done. After all, these are ideal conditions for the muscles to rest.

At about this pace, continue to repeat the exercises 10 more times. 5 seconds – compression, and 10 seconds – rest. However, every week, you can increase the compression time to 10 seconds. As a small remark, I note that retracting Kegel’s muscles can replace compression. You need to strain the muscles of the buttocks and bend your legs 90 degrees in the air, push them up and in.

How to use a best ben wa balls?

Finally, we got to the most interesting – the installation process. To be honest, there is nothing complicated here – everything is just like installing a tampon.

First, take a shower and rest assured that the balls are as clean as ever. Then dry yourself and balls.

Apply a little lubricant on a water basis onto your best ben wa balls to ensure easy installation. But be careful, this entails a quick slipping!
Standing one at a time or just one ball in the vagina. If you have completed the previous step, it will be simple, literally sliding. If you have difficulty installing Kegal balls in standing position, then lift one leg and lean on the fit. Even if the installation is complicated, try to lie down and spread your legs, and only so to insert the balls.

Now that the balls are inside you, squeeze the muscles of the legs and the pelvic floor muscles. By contracting the muscles, try to help ben wa balls for sex to penetrate deeper into your vagina.

At first, unusual feelings may arise, but after a few minutes, you will forget about it.

Keep holding the balls inside of you, not letting them slip about 5 minutes if this is your first time. Then increase the time gradually.

Remove the balls from your body at the end of the allotted time for this. You can do this with a cord on your balls. But if it is not, then just sneeze, jump, or sit down. Balls will slip quickly.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe?
Contrary to most fears, frequent and prolonged use of ben wa balls is safe and has only positive qualities for your health – it will not continue the path inside your body.
How Does The Best Ben Wa Balls Work?
It’s about the weight of the balls. This causes the Venus ball to descend when it is inside you. But at the same time, the vaginal muscles keep the ball inside and even push it further up. Thus, Kegel muscles are trained and come to some pleasure.
Can I Use Two Best Ben Wa Balls At The Same Time?
Yes, certainly. It is also worth noting that there are some advantages to this. Two balls have more weight and more workload, so these exercises will be more intense.
How Long Should I Wear Best Ben Wa Balls?
Beginners should start small – 5 minutes. Then you can gradually increase the time to 10 minutes or more. But the optimal time per day is 15 minutes.
Single Ball Or Double Ball?
Honestly, there is not much difference. A single ball can be made of metal and weighs like a Silicone Double ball – this does not affect the training in any way.
But a double ball will bring you more enjoyment due to that it tickles the G-spot more successfully than the Single ball does.

End Words

Are you still in doubt about the importance and necessity of using ben wa balls? Come on! First, now you own all the necessary information. And secondly, I think that on the planet there is no woman who does not need strong vaginal muscles. And the best ben wa balls will do it for a few exercises! Just try not to go out with Venus balls from home – it will be very funny, but not for you!

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