Secrets To Get Best Butt Plugs In 2017 – The Way To Lift Off Taboo

There are so many ways to diversify your sex life. Firstly, it’s to lift any taboo off and to discover anal penetration And the anal plug is an amazing tool to use for the first time of your anal sex life.

Namely, that’s because of Best Butt Plugs are a perfect way to prepare yourself and the sphincter muscle for the upcoming anal game. Typically, for this, butt plugs have various shapes, sizes, and similarities with the vibrator to stimulate some zones simultaneously.

In any case, as women and men can reveal secret about sexual potential and more intense orgasmic experience with help of best butt plugs 2017.

2017 Top 10 Butt Plug Comparison Chart

ImageName/BrandMaterialSizeSafe Lube 
(Editor's Choice
For Vib.
Silicone +
G. Plating
5.59 x 1.8
Silicone3.3 x 0.8 x 2
Pure Plug

For Beginne
Medical G.
Stainless Steel

(Editor's Choice
For Men
Medical G.
4 x 1
4.5 x 1.12
5 x 1.25
6 x 1.5 Inc
Silicone5.9 x 4.7 x1.5
Plug Lux
Silicone4 x 1 Inc
4.5 x1.2 Inc
6.0 x 1.5 Inc
butt-plug-7Small Anal
Butt Plug
3 x 1.1 x 0.3
butt-plug-8Doc Joh.
Naughty 2
Silicone4.8 x 1.2 x 5
Anal Plug
Plastic3 x 2 x 4
Butt Plug
Glass5.5 x 2.63

Our Recommended Top 5 Butt Plug Reviews:

Utimi 10 Levels of Pleasure – Best Vibrating Butt Plug

Utimi-Best-Vibrating-Butt-PlugUtimi 10 Speed Butt Anal Plug is probably the best substitute for vibrators and other anal toys because of more fun with a combination of the same functions.

This best vibrating butt plugs has 10 power levels, which are suitable for different stimulation point G, point P, and around the anus as well.

In other words, all 10 of pleasure levels can be checked by both women and men.

Additionally, the device has two powerful motors from above and below. So, it produces double stimulation of your perineum, prostate or anus.
However, the shape of maybe the best anal plug strikes, but it depends on individual preference.

Some users believe that the instrument would have been better if the barrel was wider and shorter length.

Key Features:
  • The product is made of medical grade silicone, and therefore does not exude the odor and is safe for the skin.
  • A dozen different levels of vibration power in combination with the two motors at the start and end of the toy.
  • Ideal for men and women, because it stimulates the G and P points, as well as the anus.
  • Special USB opening will keep the device charged.
  • Durable silicone.
  • 10 levels of stimulation point G, prostate and anus too.
  • 2 engine top and bottom creates a double stimulation.
  • The unique shape makes it a better massage.
  • Easy to clean due to the waterproof material.
  • The device is rechargeable – no batteries needed.
  • Wireless device.
  • Excessive flexibility and softness of the material makes this anal plug hard enough.
  • Long but narrow stem of the device.

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 – Best Beginner Butt Plug

best-butt-plug-for-beginnerDoc Johnson Mood Silicone Anal Plug has the perfect shape and it is not necessary to be silent. This conical shape and length make the whole process of anal sex safe to install, as to retrieve the toy. So, you can rest easy, because nothing will be lost.

It is no secret that many are using butt plugs all day or just a few hours. Doc Johnson Mood Silicone Anal Plug is perfect for just such cases of prolonged use.

Furthermore, the material has no harmful effect on your skin. You can even wash the appliance in the dishwasher.

By the way, this is the best butt plugs for guys who like a comfortable anal sex with a natural feel.

Key Features:
  • Secure hypoallergenic material which is easy to use and cleaning of the device even in the dishwasher.
  • The perfect conical shape with a handle, which is longer at one end. Thus, Doc Johnson Mood Silicone Anal Plug can be used for a long time.
  • The instrument has a flat base for easy installation and removal from the anus.
  • Hypoallergenic material.
  • A convenient form for the installation and extraction.
  • Several hours can be used for any activity or even during sleep.
  • The optimum size for beginners.
  • Waterproof material enables easy cleaning.
  • Not suitable for stimulation of the vagina or other points.
  • When driving, the device can get out of the anal opening yourself.

Njoy Pure Plug– Best Small Butt Plug

best-small-but-plugThe main reason that Njoy Pure Plug Medium must gain your location, it is possible to use any lubricant.

The most advanced players that anal sex certainly appeared preferences in this regard.

Now medical stainless steel allows you to use not only water-based lubricant but including silicon.

This anal plug is suitable for use in any location so that your anal play there are no barriers.

However, it is worth to pay tribute to an unmatched product form. As to install small butt plug as the extraction will be as pleasant as possible, especially for the male point P due to the large head and a relatively small unit of the stem.

Key Features:
  • Used material has a medical stainless steel, and the creation process occurs in the USA.
  • Njoy Pure Plug Medium has the special form of a large head and a long, thin neck for a pleasant installation, safe removal, and long comfortable use.
  • Excellent keeps heat or cold, at the same time the material is suitable for sterilization.
  • Medical steel does not cause allergies.
  • With any suitable lubricant.
  • Excellent P stimulation point.
  • It can be used in any location.
  • Suitable for sterilization.
  • Keeps cold or warm.
  • It concedes in the flexibility of silicone toys.
  • Conical shape makes the device smaller than the actual size.

IMO Massager Plug – Best Vibrating Anal Plug For Beginners and Advanced Users

Best-Vibrating-Anal-Plug-For-BeginnersSwimming pool or bath – you can use IMO Vibrating Anal Plug and Prostate Massager even in humid places.

Of course, this is only possible thanks to the waterproof material.

In addition, at your disposal, there are two hours of play on a single charge, while the charging of the device lasts about half an hour.

However, it is a multi-purpose device that involves the use in the vagina or anus. Such best butt plugs for men and women also has a power button is not on the bottom of the base, so you can be in any position, even to sit.

Such best butt plugs for men and women also has a power button is not on the bottom of the base, so you can be in any position, even to sit.

However, the size looks quite frightening and can bring a bit of a pain, especially when you first use. At the same time, a

At the same time, a long curved shape very quickly eliminates this drawback.

Key Features:
  • IMO Vibrating Anal Plug and Prostate Massager has 7 different vibration styles that can work up to 2 hours without stopping.
  • 7 different light, which varies depending on the mode for a more romantic stimulation in the dark.
  • The appliance involves the use of the multipurpose vagina and accordingly, point G, as well as prostate, just like the anus.
  • It can be used in water.
  • Silent mode.
  • 7 different power levels.
  • Safe silicone.
  • It can be used for men and women of the vagina or anus.
  • Last charging for a half hour.
  • Vibration is only on the basis, not distributed across the device.
  • The large width of the product may make uncomfortable, but it eliminates the large head.

Real Vibes Trainer Kit–  Best Male Butt Plugs Kit

Best-male-Butt-Plugs-KitAnal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes attracts the attention of not only quality but also quantity. Just imagine the whole 4 best male butt plugs together – it is the ideal setting to develop from a timid beginner to the advanced user, right?

In addition, each of a set of male and female butt plugs has the most comfortable form. The unit has a narrow head, making installation bearable and enjoyable.

At the same time, the trunk is expanded relative to the head, then a form of toys abruptly turns into a narrow neck.

It has special advantages for easy and convenient installation, and also for those who like to use best butt plugs for beginners for a long time.

However, the user must be careful to store – silicone products, as people with a long stay together begin to deform each other.

Key Features:
  • The set consists of 4 different sized best rated butt plugs (4×1 inch, 4.5×1.12 inch, 5×1.25 inch, 6×1.5 inches).
  • These anal plugs have a special shape that increases from the narrow end to a maximum width and then to a narrower base again.
  • Training Kit, which will prepare you and give necessary advice for the proper use of anal plugs, also present in the set.
  • 4 sizes for different levels of fun.
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic silicone.
  • Each of the four has the suction cup for stability.
  • A convenient form allows the toys for a long time remain in place.
  • Unisex – suitable for both genders.
  • 4 silicone toys can deform each other during the long stay together.
  • Silicone can cause allergies and is not suitable for every skin type.

User Knowledge Graph

Guideline To Choose The Best Butt Plugs

  • No matter who you are – an advanced user or just want to try out the anus, the choice the best butt plugs depends on three things: the size, shape, and material.
  • The main rule for the size of the super sensations – less is better than more. Honestly, if best large butt plugs is like XL butt plug in size, a little fun with this, even when a large quantity of lubricant.
  • If you have just begun your journey into the world of anal sex, start with the size of a finger to 3.75 inches of anal plugs. This will be enough to get a storm of pleasure, as well as to your fifth point was accustomed to a new life. As the experience of experimenting with all sizes and shapes!
  • Moreover, to choose the best anal plug should be considering how you are going to use it. I am talking about the fact that long-term wearing of anal plugs requires a comfortable size, to avoid embarrassment when the device will drop out your pants on the street.
  • The best male butt plug for extended wear can be only when it has a long dimension and a tip end to end between the buttocks.
  • As to the form, then it all depends on your personal preferences. However, let me say that the slightly curved shape suitable for sexual games and excellent stimulation of the prostate while expanding straight form suitable for extended wear.
  • The high-quality material will bring you extra bliss from anal sex. The choice is wide – from wood to glass and stainless steel and plastic.
  • The most popular are silicone toys. It is an ideal choice for doubles, but terrible for grease based on silicone. But steel and best glass butt plugs are smooth, keep warm and cold, with any suitable lubricant, but it is better not to share them.

Thinks You Can Do or Don’t – Butt Plug Help Desk

The main reason for the existence of a plug toy is to bring you, even more, fun. However, if you will do some things wrong, your dreams will never come true.

Which Lube Is Best for Butt Plugs?

Repeat about the importance of lubricant in anal sex with any toy like a mantra. One can only imagine how much it helps to avoid problems, and how much fun it brings.

As for the anal plug, then the best choice for beginners – a water-based lubricant. Such lubricants are compatible with all the materials, it is easy to wash off. Water lubricant does not cause allergies and makes the installation of anal plugs denser.

If we talk about individual representatives of this kind of lubricants,

LoveHoney Discover is best lube for butt plugs.
Experienced players choose a silicone-based lubricant since it opens more sensations than water lubrication.

Note: But there is one drawback, this type is not suitable for rubber and silicone toys. By the way, ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant has very popular among the users as a terrific product.

How To Use A Butt Plug?

Ok, guys, imagine that you have bought the best butt plug perfect for you to size and the necessary lubrication. So, what is next?

Step-1: Let’s start using anal plugs as any other thing you tuck into the anus, have almost jewelry-making. You should be as careful.

Step-2: The setting starts with beginner butt plug and anal will be lubricated completely. Next, you must choose a comfortable position.

Step-3: I know about three: fours, crouching in a lap, as well as supine position with your legs apart. You can maneuver among these positions and then select the most comfortable.

Step-4: Let’s assume you find a comfortable position. Following take a clean greased toy from the base, place the tip into the opening of the anus, and gently push slightly bent.

Step-5: Feel your long butt plug, as they say, become one whole, then it will lead you on. In a relaxed state of comfort continue slowly press down on the toy.

Final Step: Installed? Do you want other senses? To get started, try to move the toy forward and backward. But you can also leave a toy in the anus to stimulate long-term and do other things. Retrieve a toy is necessary carefully and slowly forward not to damage the skin.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe?
Yes, the use of butt plugs for men as well as for women in the short term or long term prospects is completely safe, provided an enough lubricant.
How To Clean A Butt Plug?
Clean the anal plug is necessary by using antibacterial soap and hot water, then dry and pack until the next use.
How Long Can I Wear My Plug?
Studies argue that 10 – 12 hours of anal plug in the anus will not bring any harm to health. However, this time better to be limited.
Ending Words:

You know I can confidently say, anal plugs the best safe and pretty exciting way to lift the taboo on such a good time as anal sex.

It is good for the health of men and women can experience more vivid and sensual orgasm and fully reveal her sexuality. You have only to check it in practice! Come on!


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