Are you looking for the quintessential of acute pleasures? Or maybe are you searching for all possible ways to involve every erogenous zone on your body?

I think everyone will say yes, nipples get unreasonably little attention. But the history of mankind shows that when nipples are sensitive to touch, it’s a special impulse in the brain. So, it will excite your entire body at all. Thus, the nipple – one of the puzzles multiple orgasms.

What do you know about best nipple toys? Yeah, that is something of the halo of BDSM like spiked nipple clamps, but not until the end.

At the same time, this is a small key to open your hidden sexuality via nipples particularly.

Trust me, only kissing isn’t enough. These sex toys make you get an orgasm just from one touch to the nipples. And maybe with other parts of the body…

Meantime, I’ll realize you to the truly Narnia by telling about the best nipple clamps, what it is, with what it is eaten and for what you should use it. Go ahead!

Top 14 Nipple Toys Comparison Chart

nipple toys-1AnE ToysNipple
nipple toys-2CalExoticsNipple
nipple toys-3Trinity
Steel and
nipple toys-4WomanizerPussy
nipple toys-5MedelaNipple
nipple toys-6CALEXOTICSNipple
ABS with
nipple toys-7Fifty Shades
of Grey
nipple toys-8LovessNipple
nipple toys-9Fetish
nipple toys-10Nipple
nipple toys-11weiwei26Nipple
nipple toys-12SatisfyerPussy
nipple toys-13NeglyNipple
ABS with
PU coat
nipple toys-14Pipedream

Our Recommended Top 6 Best Nipple Toys Reviews:

AnE Toys The Original – Best Nipple Clamps For Beginners

AnE Toys The Original Best Nipple ClampsHave you flat or inverted nipples, and have enough time and desire?

Ane Toys The Original # 1 Best Twin Pack pull your nipples and create excitement not a matter of minutes. This requires some time and patience.

The construction of these two cheap nipple clamps involves the creation of a vacuum, with which you pull the nipple.

Incidentally, the vacuum created may be adjusted by a screw that is inside. You can increase or decrease it.

Another significant advantage is no need to buy additional equipment, what could be such a pump. All the necessary steps, these best nipple clamps can perform independently.

At least, as the work of certain producers are confident because they provide additional assurance.

For a note, I wish to inform you that few people state the pain when pulling. It sounds pretty strange and should be checked, maybe someone just got carried away.

Key Features:

  • The construction of these nipple clamps allows you to create a vacuum in the presence of the ability to regulate this by decreasing or increasing. For this purpose, there is inside the screw.
  • AnE Toys The Original №1 BEST Twin Pack has two nipple clips and does not require the purchase of additional equipment, or pump.
  • The manufacturer is so confident in the high-quality work of sex toys nipple clamps, which gives a lifetime warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Provided packaging.
  • No pump required.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Creating a gentle vacuum.
  • Drains nipples.
  • The ability to adjust the vacuum reducing or increasing.
  • It takes a long time to be intimate.
  • In some cases, it gives pain.

CalExoticsNipple Play – Best Gentle Nipple Clamps

CalExoticsNipple Play toysLow price and nice pleasure – these are the words that describe the wonderful CalExotics Nipple Play Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps.

However, in this case, low cost is not a low-quality indicator. Rather, it is an indicator of a lack of stimulation.

The grip makes a soft intensity that is definitely good for beginners or for experienced fans of milder.

In any case, the lack of stimulation is a relatively subjective minus.

In addition, the clip nipples open wide and have a rounded shape, which is probably ideal for the fair sex. In turn, this nipple clamps with chain produce a more delicate feel.

In addition, the use of the principle is quite simple and does not require additional study. It is simple – take a snap, take these toys for nipples, and enjoy, despite that the chain is not heavy and it does not cause pain.

Key Features:

  • Firstly, it has two adjustable clamps, which have a rounded shape that is defined for a woman use bonuses.
  • Viewed nipple toys for men and women have ample padding, which creates soft tension. That is more convenient for beginners.
  • CalExotics Nipple Play Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps open wide, much wider than the other clips.
  • Two adjustable clamps.
  • The presence of rubber-coated nipple clamps.
  • Suitable for both beginners I, as well as for experienced.
  • Opens wide.
  • Low price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not delivering pain to use.
  • Lack of stimulation due to mild tension.
  • The beads are made of plastic.

Womanizer The Pro Vibrator – Best Female Nipple Toy

The name of this device says it all. Womanizer is suitable for use only in women. In addition, Womanizer The Pro Vibrator applies to such types as the nipple sex toys pussy pumps.

In other words, the main task of this vibrating nipple stimulation – life back to your clitoris. The user is not limited in time since this pussy pump has a USB outlet for recharging.

However, the manufacturer claims this one of vibrating nipple toys is the most innovative because it has eight levels and the intensity of working in contactless mode.

But it is worth noting that all innovations come to an end here because often their number is significantly reduced due to malfunction or completely uncomfortable position power button.

The price requested is quite high in terms of innovation and could be more innovative.

Key Features:

  • Womanizer The Pro Vibrator promises contactless clitoral stimulation within 8 different intensity levels.
  • Available USB aperture allows you to recharge a vibrator and not to limit your fun time.
  • Like most vibrators, the power button is not in the most convenient place, making management of 8 modes rather complicated.
  • 8 adjustable levels of intensity.
  • Non-contact operation.
  • Available USB port for recharging.
  • Warranty – two years.
  • Silicon challenging part does not use silicone grease.
  • In some cases, the intensity adjustment is not running.
  • Expensive.
  • It is hard to control on/off button.

Lovess Nipple and Vaginal Clip – Best Extreme Nipple Toys

Lovess Nipple and Vaginal ClipIf you are a fan of pain and truly hard sex – your hobby, then Lovess Nipple and Vaginal Clip help provide pain. The fact is that even the rubber protection at the terminals does not protect against strong pressure.

However, additional pressure creates circuits that sway and thereby increase the pressure. I must say that if you are not a fan of pain, these nipple fetish toys it is not for you.

After all, here you cannot even adjust the clamps. However, if you love the pain, you can cling to these adult toys nipple anywhere, especially on the labia.

Furthermore, Lovess created from thin metal. In fact, it is unstable and often occurs breakage.

Key Features:

  • The hard grip is ensured by the strong jaws, which are not amenable to any adjustment and engage virtually tightly.
  • Lovess Design has a steel nipple clamps circuit, which is pumped and thus creates pressure and new sensations.
  • The key point is to use. And the user can use this best nipple clamps as a vaginal clip without any harm to health if desired.
  • Rubber grips provide extra comfort.
  • Chain swings – increasing the pressure.
  • Confidential packaging.
  • It can be used as nipple ring clamp, as well as to the labia.
  • Silicon challenging part does not use silicone grease.
  • In some cases, the intensity adjustment is not running.
  • Expensive.
  • It is hard to control on/off button.

Medela Contact Nipple Shield – Best Breast Stimulation Toys

Medela Contact Nipple ShieldMedela has one of the most – the cheapest representatives of nipple toys, which is a multi-functional, too.

What do I mean by multi-functionality?

It is a form. Indeed, the appearance is similar to suction the milk, which is used by mothers to feed their children. And this device is suitable for this purpose as well.

But even if you do not have babies, you can use it to pull your nipple and make it more intimate with pleasure.

However, a difficult installation undermines versatility. It really is hard to attach to the teat because of thick plastic, so that the shape of the nipple suckers is strictly individual.

Key Features:

  • The form of Medela Contact Nipple Shield for breastfeeding, as well as for drawing flat nipples to even make it more intimate.
  • Large holes in the form of a cone provide the best vacuum that is used for a more effective stretch without pain.
  • The shape makes this nipple sucker sex toys unique and difficult to install, as it requires the presence of specific teat.
  • Very low price.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Thin and large openings for a better vacuum.
  • Small flaps cause discomfort.
  • Poorly installed on the teat due to too thick plastic.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Best Vibrating Nipple Stimulation

Fifty Shades of Grey Best Vibrating Nipple StimulationLoud brand name promises a perfect not only male nipple toys but even it has some disadvantages.

In general, the installation of the nipple stimulators does not require any special expertise, you just put the nipple inside. There are no clips and this is very important if usually, they bring you pain.

No clamps, but the vibrators present there. In turn, this provides additional stimulation. But the presence of vibrators does not mean that you cannot remove them. Vice versa, if you want to remove using vibrators away.

At the same time, vibrators do not have to be removed, even after they create enough powerful vibration.

In addition, despite that the brand is relatively young, they are still stuck in 2003 and uses a coin-cell battery. Well, they figured to supply spare parts!

Key Features:

  • Considered nipple clamps have a special vibrating nipple for the best nipple stimulation. But the user can optionally remove the vibrator.
  • Moreover, it is inserted on the nipple clamps and without pinching. A constituent part of all clamps has spare parts.
  • Spare parts are needed primarily for the disc batteries by running Nipple Clamps. At the clips, you will get 2 sets of batteries.
  • Vibrating nipple.
  • Installed without clips.
  • It comes with spare parts.
  • The possibility to remove the vibrator.
  • It has 2 sets of spare batteries.
  • Silicone shell does not allow the use of silicone grease.
  • It creates a strong enough vibration.
  • Button cell batteries.
  • Vibration produces noise.

User Knowledge Graph

How Many Types of Nipple Toys?

For starters take a seat! I am sure you are not ready for such information as the number of standing.

In general, the nipple is one of the most important erogenous zones on the body of both men and women.

Good stimulation causes chemical impulses in the brain quads so that the person gets excited. Because best nipple toys exist in an amount of about 60 different species.

Some of this is necessary for the stimulation by vibration, the other – to pull the nipple. For nipple play indeed there are so many options for different clips. But let’s talk about the best of the best.

Nipple Clamps:

At first, we will speak about nipple clamps as a fundamental thing. Perhaps this is the most common type of nipple toys that are in the regulated and unregulated interpretation.

Actually, fantasy cleared here. You can find clamps on the chain, with weights, in the form of tweezers, with vibration mode, and many other things that will cause the body to worry about your nipples or your partner’s.

What is the main distinctive feature of nipples clamps? Pinching effect. Of course, this can be done in various forms – from very gentle tingling to hardcore. In turn, the adjustment will help beginners to experiment, as well as amateurs.

Nipple Suckers:

In the case of nipple suckers, all is even easier. The name speaks for itself. Their main goal – the creation of a vacuum, which will cause the blood to surge into the teat in large quantities. This process makes nipples more sensitive.

During a too time, the shape of nipple suckers is a lamp that can be put on even a child. It takes the only grease for easier installation. Just press and put on. Back – press and remove.

Nipple Pumps:

Finally, the last and no less common type of nipple toys – nipple pumps. Such pumps have a cylinder shape, which covers the pap.

Moreover, the air is sucked through the pump, which in turn causes a rush of blood to the nipple. However, it is important to mention that it not only makes sensitive nipples but also increases their size if they are flat.

The principle of the installation is identical to nipple suckers. By the way, to lube, the base of pumps is necessary here too to it stood alone.

Things You Can Do or Don’t– Nipple Toys Help Desk

For to get the incomparable pleasure you need to sweat a little bit and, of course, comply with the safety rules in order not to fail.

  1. Do this quickly: If you are a beginner, then the optimal maximum for you to wear clips is less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, if you are an experienced user, then you had better confine ourselves to 20 minutes.
  2. Keep everything under control: Follow what is going on with your nipples. Always avoid blue and any other color change, swelling and so on. If you notice something suspicious, immediately remove the clamps!
  3. Lubricates: Lubrication is also important to use nipple clamps, primarily because it is considerably easier to install, in particular, nipple suckers. However, removal of the clip is of considerable importance including the lubricant will ease all.
  4. Licking, kissing, massaging: Do it when going to delete a clip. First, the removal is the most painful part, but also the most intense. Reduce pain by means of kisses!
  5. The communication: To communicate is important, to communicate need! Always communicates with your partner while playing with nipple toys and follow his or her feelings.
  6. Alternating: Remove clamp every 10-20 minutes, leaving no longer even if you do not feel anything. Release the pressure, let the blood return to normal and continue the game after a while.
  7. Do not suffer the pain: If you feel pain, you should immediately remove any nipple toy anywhere. However, the sensitivity of the nipple, shortly, can produce pain at first. But again, this is quite normal.
  8. Start with an easy: Even if you are an avid fan of thrills, start with adjustable clamps to your nipples.
  9. No harmful bacteria: Disinfection and always clean the terminals before and after use.
  10. Be careful: With piercings. It requires much more labor than you imagine. Permanent disinfection and cleaning of dirt.
  11. Move slowly : Increase the use of time, nipple clamps gradually and very slowly accustoming your nipples with a strong pressure and intense stimulation.
  12. Invent the wheel : Experiment with new locations for the use of clamps. To be honest, most suitable not only for the nipples but the vaginal lips as well.

How to Use Nipple Clamps and Suckers?

Hopefully, you have chosen your dream nipple clamps. Now let’s see how it is worn.

For small notes, I want to remind you of the importance of lubrication even here, especially if you are using nipple suckers. I give you my word, it is ideal to help you install the device.

So, you have nipple clamps in one hand and in the other nipple. What to do?

To start pinching or rub the nipple, so it came to life and stood up a little. Thus, it will provide for easier installation.

Then take the nipple and pull forward, and drop the clip only on the areola. If you are using nipple suckers, the same thing here. You need to put the nipple in a specially reserved for this hole.

Regardless of what type of placeable clip, it is not necessary to place very close to the base of the nipple. This will annoy and push the nipple, causing side effects.

It would be better if you install the clip on wet skin. Moisture can be created water as no surprise, but it is better to use lubricant. As stated above, this will make the clips hold much stronger.

In addition, if you are a beginner, and you probably are a beginner, do not use it for longer than 10 minutes. The farther away – so, of course, more. But always try to keep the nipple gently.

End Words:

I will not deny these things seem to be quite impressive because it literally lifts your nipples from the dead. Best Nipple Toys deliver great pleasure through pain.

Because let me give me advice. Tactile display of love greatly smooths out the pain after you have removed the clip. Kiss, lick, and massage to relieve pain and increase pleasure. Only love and no pain!

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