Best Vibrating Panties- Ways To Have Hands-Free Fun

How about to have an orgasm without making this no hands? You think it’s impossible? No, Nowadays best vibrating panties make it one of the easiest task. It turns out you can have fun with your partner even at a distance, at home and in public.

Now, using vibrating underwear, you cannot worry about the hands, because there is a secret pocket for of the vibrator so that your hands are always free. Moreover, you and your partner can be at 10 meters from each other. Even at this distance, to change the intensity and rate of vibration! In addition, the genesis of vibrating panties went so far that the whole vibe stimulates the perineum or separate areas. Not only women but also men!

By the way, this is quite an impressive thing, which is operated by a remote control or an application on your smartphone. Because the market offers a huge variety of panties for your leisure time away from home. But what kind of underwear are worthy of your attention and wallet contents, I’ll tell you! Buckle up, we start!

Our Top 3 Picks

Our List Only Includes The Top Rated, Comfort, Well Research and Best-Value Vibrating Panties.

  • Ohmibod Club Vibe

  • Our Rating
  • Rechargeable
  • 4 hours Backup
  • California Exotic Novelties

  • Our Rating
  • Rechargeable
  • 10 functional Mode
  • OMB Bluetooth Remote Panty

  • Our Rating
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 hours Backup

Top 11 Vibrating Panties Comparison Chart

vibes panties 9OhMiBodYes3.8 x 1.8
x 0.5 Inch
vibes pantiesCalExoticsYes2.8 x 1.5
x 1.2 Inch.
vibes panties 11OMBUSB
3.46 x 1.53
x 1.18 Inch
vibes panties 3CalExoticsYes3 x 2
x 2 Inch
vibes panties 4CalExoticsYes2.8 x 1.5
x 1.2 Inch
vibes panties 5Hustler
Yes3 x 2
x 2 Inch
vibes panties 6FriskyNo1.25 x
3 Inch
vibes panties 7Pipedream
Yes10 x 2
x 5 Inch
vibes panties 8akezone
Yes3 x 2
x 2 Inch
vibes panties 10Panty
No7.5 x 5
x 2 Inch
vibes panties 14CalExoticsNo3 x 3.5
x 3.5 Inch

Top 8 Vibrating Panties Reviews:

Ohmibod Club Vibe – Best Vibrating Panties For Couple

vibrating-panties-7Drumroll! Recycle! Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.oh recharged and ready to serve much longer than many other vibrating panties.

In addition to this option, viewed vibrating panties are literally cosmic design with the same interface. If the charge was not enough, the vibrator will give you a signal by flashing bulbs.

This is useful if we take into account the fact that the charge does not suffice for a long time.

Plus, the device responds to your moans and in accordance with the intensity of the vibration adds. In my opinion, these stimulating panties justify short work.

However, the remote control belongs to the two shorts that can be difficult to use in a public place. Even though it makes a little noise and vibration has weak.

But you just imagine! 5 vibration levels at distances up to 20 feet with a reaction to receiving pleasure and flashing lights are money spent even half an hour. All the same, you will be able to recharge it!

Key Features:

  • These vibrating panties create a more powerful vibration response to your moans. The stronger the moans, the stronger the vibration.
  • Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.oh recharges the battery and it even has personally for the remote control. At a low-level charging device flashes.
  • The operation is a work at a distance of 15 to 20 feet and 5 different intensity levels, which are controlled by a single button.
  • Recharge.
  • Includes the battery for the remote control.
  • Five intensity levels.
  • Runs at a distance of 15-20 feet.
  • Silent vibration mode.
  • Inform you of the amount of charge on the device.
  • Create a stronger vibration in response to sound.
  • One remote operates two vibrators.
  • Low vibration.
  • Quickly discharged.


California Exotic Novelties– Best Vibrating Panties For Beginners

vibrating pantiesThe brand, which has a trump card in almost every form of sex toys, produced little black panty lace to someone boring dinner at the restaurant was the WOW.

To do this, remote control vibrating panties cram 10 functions of vibration and pulsation in a small vibrator and left only one button to control. On the remote control!

And your hands have always been free, you just have to put the vibrator in his pocket. But even one-button control causes stress because it is uncomfortable.

In addition, be prepared to weak vibrations, because the device has a small size. And take care, please battery, as this is not included in the kit.

Because if you want to have some fun, this thing is definitely right for you. However, if you want a really powerful vibration, then you should continue the search.
But I recommend it as a high-quality product from the popular brand that rarely fails.

Key Features:

  • California Exotic has provided Little Black Panty 10 functions of vibration and pulsation, which, in theory, should switch to using the power button.
  • Vibrations can be carried out by remote control, but the bullet size creates a weak power.
  • The toy has a special secret pocket in lacy underwear, which is convenient for handle-free.
  • 10 kinds of vibration and pulsation.
  • Remote control.
  • Stretch secret pocket.
  • Suitable for playing in a public place.
  • Good travels.
  • Does not include batteries.
  • Plays a strong enough power.
  • Uncomfortable interface.

Bluetooth Remote Vibrator– Best Vibrating Panty For Bluetooth Remote Control

vibrating panties 8Take your iPad aside, this thing only works on your mobile phone. No matter what your operating system.

Indeed, the control of the instrument is a more convenient process, you only need to install the application. No more problems with the obtuse interface and a button at the tip of the vibrator.

Through the app, you can adjust the sound and the vibration switch all 5 models. While these Bluetooth panties work for an hour and at 10 meters.

In addition, you can always restart a vibrator, as well as the phone – almost never-ending pleasure. Say thanks to them!

But at the same time, a vibrating thong is tight for people with larger than average. This causes discomfort and prevents concentrate on the sensations. And you can manage the entire process only from your phone.

Key Features:

  • To control the Bluetooth Remote Panty Vibrator requires only the installation BlueMotion App on your cell phone with any operating system.
  • Distance control is designed for 30 meters or 10 feet in 5 different vibration patterns.
  • The duration of this vibrator lasts no more than 1 hour, but the device has a USB slot to recharge.
  • The control can be achieved with the iPhone or Android.
  • You only need to download the app.
  • Management of vibration and sound.
  • The distance up to 30 feet.
  • Up to 1 hour of operation.
  • 5 vibration patterns.
  • USB charging.
  • A small size of the thong.
  • Do not connect the iPad.
  • It takes only a phone.

Berman Center Astrea – Best Vibrating Panties For Public Game

vibrating panties 2In that case, if you are just starting to experiment with small vibrators in a public place, Berman Center Astrea Remote Vibrating Panty has a good solution. For techno party or powerful wave.

Yes, that’s right, because the restaurant with light music in the background or in the shop everyone will know that you are in shorts. Indeed, for a small vibrator, these vibrating panties with remote produces a lot of noise.

But if you want to your hands-free and just use it as part of your home – why not? Moreover, it works on the track. And it may be a requirement of batteries someone will seem the last century, but the fact it is easy to change batteries with new ones.

I think this is a good solution only in order to your hands-free, and, of course, for those who have quite small. After all, do not stretch panties.

Key Features:

  • Berman Center Astrea Remote Vibrating Panty addition to vibrator operating at a distance has a secret pocket in shorts so that you can use it hands-free, and in a public place.
  • For a small vibrator, it produces quite a loud noise, which may be noticeable in a public place.
  • The size of the pant has a small and inelastic, so considered remote vibrating panties is only suitable for a limited number of people with a small size.
  • Secret pocket.
  • Remote control.
  • It is easy to change and install new batteries.
  • It cannot be returned to the Amazon.
  • Very loud vibrations.
  • Pants have a small size.

Wireless Hidden Pocket Panty – Best Vibrating Panty For The Longest Distance

vibrating panties 3If the remote control is fundamental in choosing of the vibrating panties for you, Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties satisfy your need, because it works at a distance of 45 feet.

This is not a bad result, though that the vibrator still creates noise. However, you cannot be afraid that someone will notice the vibrator or it will fall out at the most inopportune moment.

Unlike most other vibrating panties, this remote control vibrating panties have a comfortable design and a high pocket vibe that nothing fell.

Of course, manufacturers have worked seriously on the design but hardly took time functionality. After the batteries run only once, and as a result of the vibrator too.

Why do I recommend this? Because these wireless vibrating panties really is designed for use in a public place, even with the presence of noise!

Key Features:

  • Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties really works at distances up to 45 feet, which is in principle sufficient for the game in a public place.
  • Lace panties have a hidden pocket vibe, which is quite high and does not allow you to lose a vibrator.
  • Considered vibrating panty are supplied complete with batteries.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • The presence of lacy panties identical usual.
  • Hidden pocket vibe.
  • Batteries are included.
  • Weak batteries work – at once.
  • Create a buzz.

Frisky  Bullet Vibrating Panties – Best Vibrating Panty For All Sizes

vibrating panties 4While previous panties were designed only for people with a medium size and are below average, Frisky Add A Bullet Vibrating Panties opens up the possibility of enjoyment for all sizes.

Even as a carrier of magnificent forms, you cannot worry about comfort, because it will be secured. The secret lies in the ability to control both sides of panties.

Meanwhile, the design and the double fabric of viewed vibrator panties is also inconspicuous and does not cause any problems, if you travel frequently.

The only thing that can bring discomfort – a wide panty vibe. But it has a more individual character and a weak vibration. Even though the size of the vibrator. Surprisingly, it is placed in a flexible pocket vibe.

Key Features:

  • Frisky Add A Bullet Vibrating Panties has a curious design of panties, which are regulated along the sides, as well as the double layer of fabric.
  • There is the presence of a small but flexible vibe of pocket for a vibrator, which is quite wide dimensions.
  • Adjustability and features fabric make it suitable for use by people of large size.
  • Suitable for all sizes.
  • Has a double layer of fabric in the pants.
  • Inconspicuous design.
  • Hands-free.
  • Adjustable side panties.
  • Vibe pocket elastic.
  • The vibe is too wide.
  • Low vibration.

Pipedream Products, Inc – Best Vibrating Panty For Underwater Love

vibrating panties 5Real husband control is when you cannot move away from her boyfriend more than 25 feet. It is at such a distance running Inc Fetish Fantasy Panty by Pipedream Products.

As a tradition, this brand always supplies the remote control underwear to any innovation. This time we are dealing with 10 different pulsation functions.

In addition, this remote control vibrating panties of Pipedream Waterproof. But like any other innovative thing, it has certain disadvantages in functionality.

First of all, for whom they have placed a vibrator that way? It hardly gets to the clitoris. Second, the 10 kinds of vibration cannot save us from the endless batteries that significantly reduce the operation of this product.

So, 25 feet under water in 10 different interpretations – WOW, fast operation, and improper positioning of the vibrator – sucks!

Key Features:

  • All work Inc Fetish Fantasy Panty carried out at a distance of up to 25 feet. However, this distance can be even in the body of water as a waterproof device.
  • These pleasure panties vibrate through waterproof rubber inserts of a limited amount of time, depending on the batteries.
  • Pipedream Products download these panties 10 different vibration modes that are easily controlled with a single button.
  • The 10 kinds of vibration.
  • Waterproof.
  • Includes batteries included.
  • Rubber insert vibrating.
  • Inconvenient placement of the vibrator.
  • Weak battery operation makes the use of short-lived.

10 Speeds Remote Control Underwear – Best Vibrating Panties For Your Bedroom

vibrating panties 6It seems all manufacturers of sex toys can count only to 10, because viewed vibrating underwear has 10 speeds, not only in the title.

But unlike the previous product, the panties came to us from the far future. I suppose none of you have worn pants with LCD panel. Even though it did not make the creators refuse to recharge the batteries.

Viewed best vibrating panty design truly custom and different from conventional underpants, it can create a mood while you are using it in the bedroom.

But let’s be honest, you can never come up with it on the street or even use with minimal movement. However, with all this, this removable design work is carried out at a distance of 5 to 10 meters!

Key Features:

  • LCD panel for control and 10 speeds of remote controlled underwear make loud and cannot be used outside the home or on the move.
  • 10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear work on the impressive distance of 5 to 10 meters.
  • The complicated structure presented also a removable structure, which makes the product easy to clean.
  • Batteries are represented in the set.
  • 10 speed.
  • Removable design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Runs at a distance of 5 to 10 meters.
  • Availability of LCD panel to control.
  • Hands-free operation
  • Inconvenient location of light bulbs.
  • Can’t be used while driving.


User Knowledge Graph

How To Choose Best Vibrating Panties?

Convenience: Choose only those vibrating panties that match your size and do not squeeze, do not leave the irritation, and not tightened. If not sure about the size, make a choice in favor of controlled panties.

Material: Choose a comfortable material to your body. Keep in mind that an additional advantage is the absence of your allergic reaction, elasticity, and tissue density.

Secret pocket: Compartment vibe should be located high up! Always! Choose shorts that will have a secret pocket in accordance with your body structure.

Many vibration levels: It is not always said that the product works with a bang, but at least, it promises a significant diversity of your sexual feelings, at least for first-time use.

Contact with water: It is better to opt for waterproof pants unlike electric panties, as well as those that you can wash separately from the vibrator. This is in direct contact with the genitals, so it is to clean it constantly. Note: panties should not be waterproof, I am talking just about the vibe in.

The conformity: Vibrating panties designed for men as for women. Buy those panties that match your gender and body structure. That is very important for your fun and enjoyment of your partner.

The Sound: If you plan to use the panties in a public place, on a noisy motor of the vibrator can be no question. Only the quiet operation, which is not always a consequence of a weak vibration.

Things You Can Do or Don’t – Vibrating Panties Help Desk

right-sign Lube vibrating panties up with the lubricant to be comfortable with vibration.

right-sign Buy always the corresponding pants you avoid the small size and panties, which can make your movements awkward.

right-sign Use vibrating panties in remote control in a public place, because it is one of their main purposes and is fun.

right-sign Purify panties and the vibrator after every use and in any case. Because like any other sex toy it has direct contact with the genitals. Furthermore, when released into the vagina any foreign body may cause pain and inflammation.

wrong-sign  Do not share with your friends. Even with the hottest. Now it is the subject only of your health!

right-sign Use vibrating panties alone or with your partner, regardless you are in heterosexual or homosexual sex.

right-sign Use pants and vibe individually or simultaneously.

How Can You Properly Use Vibrating Panties?

At last, we have reached one of the most important and fascinating items – the use. I think many will agree with me that the process of using the majority of sex toys has a difficult, but quite nice.

So, in the case of wireless remote control panties, everything is as simple as possible. Of course, you have already cleared the panties and vibe and ready to get incomparable pleasure!

Now, give the remote control to your partner. Allow it to move a certain distance away from you. Place the vibe in a secret pocket, which is located around the perimeter of the crotch panties on. Lube your crotch the lubricant.

Now you can wear your vibrating panties, and at the same time check the extent, which is located on you. And if your panties are regulated and have specialties, just fix it so that was not tight and completely free.

At this stage, you can enable the vibrator via the remote. And the whole process of using, in principle, to this end. Then you clean enough to use her panties and put them in a bag until next time.

Honestly, you can use the pants alone and not necessarily as part of your home. It was created to look like the store was not only useful but also enjoyable.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pros Side of Vibrating Panties?
This has advantages for new levels of stimulation by several kinds of vibration. In addition, you can play with your partner away from home. It is easy to clean and is reasonably quiet.
What is Cons Side Of Vibrating Panties?
Find cons is quite difficult in vibrating panties, in addition to the time that the intense vibration can damage the sensitivity of the genitals. But it works only if you overdo it.
What types of Vibrating Panties exist?
Perhaps there are only two basic types: vibrating panties and thongs. Both work in remote control mode and can be designed for both women and for men.

End Words

Why is it worth seeing any pair or even a single person? And because best vibrating panties do not cause any difficulty to use, but only deliver incredible pleasure.

These panties have different sizes and are suitable for everyone who wants a bit of fun, not only in homes but also at a party at a restaurant or even at the library!

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