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Do you want to inject lubricant into your anal area without using your hand?

Have you not the longest fingers? Wait a minute to stretch them! I have the perfect solution for you. Wise men have long been concerned about such a question how to lubricate the most difficult areas and get maximum pleasure, for example, by anal penetration.

You know there was nothing better than a Lube Launcher or syringe. Firstly, it has a perfect slim shape, which will be useful even for beginners. In addition, the principle of work of both adults and children know. I hope you, too, is no exception. But now not only the best lube launcher flooded the market of sex accessory, but also the representatives of no highest quality.

Yet, I am here to you are not confused a lube launcher with a turkey baster of your mama, take care of the best applicators and everything will be oki-docks!

Our Top 3 Picks

Our List Only Includes The Top Rated, Safe, Well Research and Well-Built Lube Launcher.

  • Shibari Lube Launcher

  • Our Rating
  • ABS
  • Total Length - 7.5"
  • Insertable Length - 4.75"
  • Trinity Vibes Launcher

  • Our Rating
  • Plastic
  • Total Length - 5.5"
  • Insertable Length - 3.5"
  • Cleanstream XL Launcher

  • Our Rating
  • ABS
  • Total Length - 7.5"
  • Insertable Length - 4.75"

What is Lube Launcher?

In general, a lube launcher is a revolutionary tool that will replace even the longest finger!

The form of best lube launcher is a gun in various interpretations. By the way, the principle of operation is exactly like a syringe – you just squeeze the liquid out of the tube using a comfortable grip. Meaning use is also simple. Although people are resourceful enough because often use lube shooter as a medical device for cleaning or turkey baster. But let’s give cleansing to an enema. After all, the launcher has its own purpose.

I suppose you know that no natural selection of lubricant in the anus. Therefore, a grease gun perfectly suitable for humidification precisely this area. So, imagine you have a lubricant and sex toys, and also the problem of how to apply the lubricant. Fact, the finger not a helper here, since it cannot penetrate deeply.

If this is the anus – a tight anal sphincter gives you more problems and will leave most of the lubricant outside. At the same time, lube injector has tremendous length and gently penetrate and lubricate as the anus, as well as vaginal. Is not it a miracle?

Top 5 Lube Launcher Comparison Chart

ImageBrandMaterialInsert able
lube shooter 1ShibariABS4.75
lube shooter-2Trinity VibesPlastic3.5
lube shooter-3CleanstreamABS4.75
lube shooter-4CS-AC221rABS4.75
lube shooter-5Cleanstream ABS5

Top 4 Lube Launcher Reviews:

Shibari Lube Launcher – Best XL Lube Launcher For Deep Place

Shibari Lube LauncherShibari Lube Launcher XL does all the dirty work for little money. The syringe is a standard form but has a huge amount to the most remote corners of ungreased.

Like most launchers, it consists of three parts which can be disassembled for cleaning or filling and to assemble and to set back further use.

But at the same time, this “Lego kit” has some notes. Particularly, a leak was noticed behind it, though slow leak to be, otherwise you violate physical law.

Plus, sharp tip when installing literally skewer you on a skewer, if you insert a syringe fast.

Key Features:

  • The large size of the launcher requires the use of two hands, especially if you want to use it to the fullest. Thus, lube shooter accommodates 61 and a half ml of lubricant.
  • Comfortable shape with no extra parts significantly simplifies installation and, of course, cleaning after use.
  • Big size.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy installation.
  • Cheap price.
  • Acute tip delivers pain.
  • There is a leak.

Trinity Vibes Lubricant Launcher – Best One-Off Launcher

Trinity Vibes Lubricant LauncherIf anal sex – a rare visitor in your bedroom, as well as the use of sex toys, the Trinity Vibes Lubricant Launcher is suitable for you. Fragile plastic is well in triplicate in contact with any lubricant, you are using, but only once.

Yes, this disposable lube syringe, and even with a strong desire to use the second time does not work, because the plastic can bend and scratch those body’ places that should not be injured.

At one time, it is really nice and very convenient to travel, or where there is no time to clean up, but the disposable plastic – it is not eco-friendly.

Key Features:

  • The main feature – a one-time use, because there are three complete copies, and there are 2 additional handsets.
  • A convenient form of the handle on the piston makes the management convenient, but at the same time, the piston does not close is in the tube.
  • This lube shooter is made of plastic, brittle plastic. But it is suitable for all kinds of lubricant even once.
  • It comes in three copies.
  • 2 additional handsets.
  • Easy grip for installation.
  • Suitable for all types of lubricants.
  • Fragile plastic.
  • The rod has a tight seal.
  • Disposable plastic – not environmentally friendly.

Cleanstream XL Lubricant Launcher – Best Multiple Lube Syringe

Cleanstream XL Lubricant LauncherIf you are still messing with small volumes, then drop everything and go to the XL size, which, for example, has Cleanstream XL Lubricant Launcher.

Viewed lube applicator really has a volume inspiring confidence and fear. The value does not stop the syringe to do the job correctly and be manageable. However, problems still exist in at least a portion of the material.

The lube syringe is made of ABS, at first glance, the most common material for Liebe launchers. But it requires caution, as there are cases of occurrence of a reaction of namely this ABS plastic with other materials.

In addition, coarse tip with sharp corners. We can confidently state that the syringe requires resurfacing.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity exceeding standards twice – the main feature of Cleanstream XL Lubricant Launcher.
  • The bulky size does not interfere with the syringe to do the job well, even with repeated use, as well as the presence of sharp edges on the tip.
  • Easy to manage, even with one hand.
  • It holds twice as much of lubricant.
  • Reusable.
  • Rough tip.
  • Can react with other materials.

CS-AC221  – Best Lube Launcher To The Anal

Best Lube Launcher To The AnalExcept for the name as that of any droid from Star Wars, CS_AC221 – XL One Shot Launcher does not have any features that radically distinguish it from the market.

Here we have the same standard form in the presence of three basic parts. In addition, more durable plastic that will last longer than it is destined to disposable syringes.

XL size is 7.5 inches or 19 cm, which is really impressive. But the manufacturer, make a note that the insertion length of 4.75 inches, which is outraged. Yes, too, a good size, but not XL.

If you are not interested in non-standard accessories – this is not for you. If the main your goal is not only to lubricated – CS-AC221 – that you need!

Key Features:

  • 7.5 inches or 19 cm – 12 cm is equal to the total length of the lube injector, but the length of the insert.
  • Material CS-AC221 suitable for all lubricants, invented by people.
  • In the presence of the cap against leaks, a rod of the pressure and bulb – the standard form of medium size, taking into account the insertable length.
  • Size XL.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Interacts with all lubricants.
  • Multiple uses.
  • Insertable length almost two less than the total volume.
  • Fast leak.

User Knowledge Graph

Why is Lube Launcher getting popularity day by day?

Lube Launcher is gaining popularity, and this is obvious because of the idea of its creation – amazing!

At first, a shooter does your sex with a toy or human security, primarily for your skin. However, it deeply and gently distributes the lubricant. Apart from efficiency, lube launcher rather easy to install, and use as well.

No more torture with bottles of lubricants and the whole science of the application! All acquired a simple lube syringe form! Plus, to the above, many find to use lube shooter pleasing effect and extra enjoyment. So, it can bring not only benefit but also the pleasure at the fantasy.

How To Use Lube Launcher?

Note that your lube syringe consists of three parts: a tube for the liquid, the rubber cap on the tip of the tube, and directly pushing a piston, which pressurizes and releases the lubricant.

You have at least two ways. Below I will discuss both of them. In the first method of use, you need to pull out the piston from the tube. Now it is sufficient to fill a tube lubricant. The amount of grease can be anything, it all depends on your desire.

Done? Now is the time insert the piston lightly, but by no means do not press on it. Then you can remove the cap that is at the top of the tube.
Proceed with the installation best lube launcher but until now no need to press the plunger. Select the optimum length in which you go, or use it to its fullest if you want.

Installed? Only now can click on the piston is very – very – very slowly.
As for the second method, it is more convenient but less neat. You need only to remove the cap from the tube, and then install the tube in a bottle of lubricant.

Behind slowly pull the plunger to you, avoiding the formation of bubbles in the tube. If bubbles are still there, squeeze out the lubricant and start again. Once you fill the tube lubricated, simply set it to the desired position for the lube.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Clean Lube Launcher?
If your shooter is not disposable, and it is written on the packaging, the cleaning principle is about the same as the filling. However, better to divide the launcher into three parts and each of them to wash in hot soapy water.
Which Lubricants Can Be Used With It?
Lube launcher can be used with any lubricants that allowed a variety of materials – from silicon to steel. Of course, except for the combination of silicone lubricant and silicone shooter.

Final Words:

Well, best lube launcher is something to facilitate and make your pains and will make nice even the most lackluster sex nuances. The main thing to have a little imagination, right?

Here’s a little advice – squeeze few drops when inserting the syringe, then everything goes like clockwork, or will glide like a sausage of hot dog, in general, you will like it!

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